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6. Plans, problems,bugs and things to do

6.1 Make networking work

Well I don't know if it works... I've never had the opportunity to check it out... I've only got a 33.6 modem for my internet connection.. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out... if someone feels like doing it or already have done it please mail me: Øyvind Kolås

6.2 On demand download/execution

This is currently in beta, it is working, but I need some more time documenting it, and testing it.

6.3 bdflush/update

Well I'm no linuxwizard, perhaps I will evolve into one,.. but the first releases didn't run update... the result... if you pressed alt+ctrl+del.. you had quite big chances that nothing were written to disks.. you had to either halt the system... or type sync.

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