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Note added by Jason Spiro: Because Oyvind Kolaas's site at has closed down, the information on this page doesn't apply anymore. Please see for updated "getting started" instructions.

1. Getting started.

1.1 Getting hal91

At the moment the best place to get hal91 is through the web-site, but hopefully I will get some ftp mirrors quite soon. When downloading please avoid using Netscape 4.0x, as it is known to misinterpret files downloaded from the web-server.

1.2 Transferring hal91-0.x.x to a disk

  1. Obtain the disk image
  2. Transfer the data to the disk.. by typing:

dd if=hal91.img of=/dev/fd0


rawrite hal91.img a:

1.3 Booting the system

  1. If you are running linux, press alt+ctrl+del,.. if you are using windows 95 press your reset button.
  2. The disk loads.. (you must enable booting from floppy, and set the boot sequence A:,C:.. in your bios, this should be enabled by default)
  3. Hopefully hal91 is alive,.. if not see the Frequently Asked Questions section

1.4 Loading the datadisk

There is a datadisk lying around since a former version of hal91 this disk should also work with 0.2.0 just type init.disk2 and you should get a new ramdisk mounted under /usr/ with programs like lynx, irc, mc, cfdisk...

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