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2. System overview.

2.1 The standard hal91 booting sequence

  1. ldlinux, loads from the msdos disk,
  2. the kernel /vmlinuz and the core image /initrd.gz is loaded into memory
  3. the linux kernel boots up
  4. the filesystem is unpacked
  5. linuxrc(in /initrd.gz) runs the script /hal91.ini on the device defined in /syslinux.cfg (defualts to /dev/fd0, the floppy)

2.2 The core file system

The core system, located in the file /initrd.gz on the disk contains only the most vital files to get an linux system up running. Most probably you don't want to change anything in here. The contents are as follows:


this shellscript is started by the kernel when the system boots.


libraries needed by binaries




configuration directory + - to make dynamic libraries work + mtab@ - a link to /proc/mounts to keep track of mounted filesystems


mountpoint for temporary use



2.3 The /linuxrc file

The /linuxrc file performs the following tasks at boot-time:

  1. mounts /proc/
  2. mounts the device defined as root by syslinux, loadlin or lilo under /mnt/tmp/
  3. If it finds a file /mnt/tmp/hal91.ini it duplicates it to /hal91.ini and transfers control to it. If it is unable to mount the device, or /mnt/tmp/hal91.ini can't be found you are dumped to an minimal bash shell.

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