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3. The add.tgz filesystem

In the standard hal91 distribution the files add.tgz and hal91.ini are located on the floppy disk. The add.tgz file contains most of the standard unix utilities.. the hal91.ini can be considered the initialization script of the system. This is the convenient place to make changes to the system.

3.1 The included hal91.ini

The included hal91.ini script performs the following actions:

  1. Extract the add.tgz filesystem
  2. Sets the keyboard mappings (get hold of a keyboard map for your own language from an exsisting linux system)
  3. Installs vfat, and loopback device modules
  4. Configures gpm-services (console cut and paste with mouse)
  5. unmounts /mnt/tmp
  6. Opens eight virtual consoles, which you can select by pressing alt+f1 alt+f2 .... alt+f8

3.2 Contents of the included etc.tgz

The distributed system contains most of the files I find neccesary for using linux.


mke2fs for checking/fixing and creating linux file systems


my favourite editor. with capabilities to emulate pico, vi or emacs


nice for rescue work


for rescue work


ftp to contact the rest of the net.. (assuming you've made contact with the net)


chat to make an modem connection with the net.


lsmod, rmmod to use modules

Other binaries making hal91 a linux system .. like:

Libraries to make the binaries work.. libcom_err, libext2fs, libuuid

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